User Reviews For: Those Eyes Should Be Illegal!!! [VertiComix]


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Alias Rating
The beginning is dubious consent so I'm not sure if it's for everyone :/Other than that, the characters are not super developed but enough for the story to be easy to understand.It's absolutely filled with smut and the sex scenes are very hot so... If you're looking for (almost) PWP, I would recommend!
Lohnen Rating
The lack of consent might make some readers uncomfortable (including me). But I have read lots of comics that start off this way and quickly turn to a cute loving relationship, so I'll give it a few more chapters to see if it changes.
jennybrent Rating
It's good i like it, but I'm not sure I'll love it. I love the concept that's being put in this manga,but I've only read a few chapters so once i read some more my opinion might change.
SartreGirl Rating
Kind of chaotic and cringy in some points, but i like it a lot. Nice point of view by the way...
silverwinds45 Rating
I love it and its neat.
Moonpaw4 Rating
I really liked reading it
LyraSan Rating
That's original. I loved it!
Lylyevans Rating
Good manga, with a good script for people who like yaoi
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