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animepie Rating
This off to a great start! I'm so curious where this can possibly go. As with all of Suji-sensei's works, the main characters have such an interesting dynamic between them that I want to see more of. They're both funny and sexy.
cheese Rating
One of my fav reads! It uses the tropes well and in a healthy manner while being well paced overall and letting characters grow realistically. You feel proud of the characters along with happy for their relationships, and there is a cute amount if lightheartedness to it as well! This read absolutely made me feel very warm once I completed it. Definitely worth it!
babylon45 Rating
An excellent example of taking tropes we know and doing the unexpected to make a great story. The choices both characters (and the author) made surprised me in the right way. I was a little disappointed with where it looked like this couple would land in their status. Things got complicated in the climax of the story and its aftermath. But I realized while reading this story that even the relationship status of this couple was something I have not seen done quite this way. In the final hour I was hit with the unexpected again in a good way. Sex scenes were nicely used and portrayed well the intense connections of emotion and passion. It would have been nice to see one more long physical intimacy (sex) scene after the final curveball. Extra chapter potential! Story plus for how both characters found and expressed their respect for one another. Read the story to know more :).
Maina Rating
I really loved this manga. Just from reading the summary alone I wasn't that interested in reading this but I gave the first chapter a try and I was instantly hooked. The art is really nice and the plot is quite interesting. Not your typical prince sweeps uke off his feet story.
Cygnus Rating
Such a good story *sniffles*, so glad it has a happy ending *wiping tears*. What passionate love scenes! I would love to see a sequel of their life together, or at least a bonus chapter for the follow up please!
zahaara Rating
Loved it!
SimplyAbbi Rating
This was adorable. I loved both characters expressions and the artwork is nice. The plot moves fast but there is enough time for questions to be raised and answered
GregorIAN Rating
The art leaves something to be desired, but the story and the endearing qualities of the characters makes up for that.
dongtheggplant Rating
It's so good, it's so unlike the "oil tycoon prince/king sweeping the uke off their feet" that I've read before..wish there would be more honestly. I love both the prince and the uke. They're both so sweet and loving of each other
sdab Rating
This looked promising, but I was worried it would be just your typical oil tycoon comes and sweeps the uke off his feet, and oh, he's a prince too. I figured I would just get the first chapter to start, but then immediately ending up getting the rest of the chapters. This story is just really cute and has a nice amount of smut. Mind you, I am partial to characters that are, or seem to be, apathetic.
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