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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is checking off all of my boxes! Cute, nice art, childhood friends to lovers, age gap, reversal of positions and after this first chapter a little intrigue. These two are really cute and so far we haven't really gotten to see too much of the younger boyfriends personality, kinda mellow, but totally loyal. And I love how in love and loyal the older bf is too. But who the heck was that person at the end of chapter one? Stalker? One-sided crush going too far? Hmmm, need to find out! So far I'm liking this fluffy story.
BTBL Rating
Love it :))
Somalicat5 Rating
This book got me deeeeeep in my feeels. I love it when the presumed seme turns out to be a uke!
AinoKusabi Rating
This is a sweet and kind of an offbeat romance, unconventional in the sense of who becomes the seme and who is the uke; definitely not what I expected. The characters are totally likeable and the art is decent. This is an enjoyable read. It will be interesting to see where the story leads.
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