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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is checking off all of my boxes! Cute, nice art, childhood friends to lovers, age gap, reversal of positions and after this first chapter a little intrigue. These two are really cute and so far we haven't really gotten to see too much of the younger boyfriends personality, kinda mellow, but totally loyal. And I love how in love and loyal the older bf is too. But who the heck was that person at the end of chapter one? Stalker? One-sided crush going too far? Hmmm, need to find out! So far I'm liking this fluffy story.
Jakexcx Rating
I didn't see that coming hahahhaha it's so good seeing their glow up in bed, i like how the couple is not toxic to each other it's so adorable how supportive he is to him.
TheBetterStory Rating
I really like Moto Haruyama for light reading. She's got a great grasp on what makes a cool character actually cool (i.e. feel thoughtful, reliable and good in social situations), but she's not above fun tropes like someone who's convinced he's the obvious top being blushy and cute in bed. Good times.
fionav3 Rating
Disappointing and a total waste of points.
YUKI93 Rating
It's kind of hard to believe to read a manga with not nany chapter but with a complete storyline. Just don't expect pages of thorough smut, there's not enough of it. But for understanding the story, this is a worthy read.
BTBL Rating
Love it :))
Somalicat5 Rating
This book got me deeeeeep in my feeels. I love it when the presumed seme turns out to be a uke!
AinoKusabi Rating
This is a sweet and kind of an offbeat romance, unconventional in the sense of who becomes the seme and who is the uke; definitely not what I expected. The characters are totally likeable and the art is decent. This is an enjoyable read. It will be interesting to see where the story leads.