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funbrillo Rating
This is a really cute and funny love story. I was giggling at the characters throughout the story. Definitely one I will read over and over. Feels cleansing to my soul and no angst.
poppidim Rating
I really liked this manga! There were plenty of moments that made me laugh, but a lot of sweet (and hot!) moments as well. The setting was fun too, based on a traditional folk tale but with some funny twists. Very attractive art style - my favourite thing was how the facial expressions were drawn during sex scenes; the characters actually looked like they were enjoying themselves.I was a bit worried I would be squicked out by the M-preg element (I don't enjoy F/M stories that focus heavily on pregnancy and / or childbirth either) but it was actually very sweet! Another thing I really appreciated was how hard the NEET guy worked to change for the better, and how his BF supported him even through his nervous and pessimistic moments. That really touched my heart!This manga had cute and relatable characters, a neat setting, plenty of funny and heartwarming moments, and hot, well-drawn sex scenes. I definitely recommend it!
marymw356 Rating
This was great! I loved it! It's light hearted and will have you laughing a lot! I wish it would become a series. It would be great to see how they handle various situations that comes up in life.
radish Rating
Suuuper cute!! If you're into fluff and comedy, would recommend this!
CieL Rating
So nice! Both the story and the cover! Brilliant! The art's okay too. It's hilarious, and sadly so true about life. It's hard, but you just have to enjoy it fully. Just like this story told. So glad that decided to buy it. Didn't go waste, specially there's a promo happening. Go buy this people! Then enjoy your life with more gratitude, no matter how hard it is! You also learn about how seahorse laid it's baby egg~ looooll
Nika2345 Rating
It was cute and a bit funny
nekomata Rating
Oh I fell in love with KameXtatsu pair... and they didn't appear as much as I would have liked it, that was really disappointing, but the main story was good I have no complaints about the plot and the art is beautiful... still, I really wish I had seen more of kame and tatsu lives as parents, if the author ever makes a story for them I'd totally read it!
lfilzah2 Rating
I read chapter 3 on a free website and found it really cute~i tried looking for the full volume on Renta and straightaway sign up and rent it!can't wait to finish reading it!
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