User Reviews For: Love in the World of Adult Videos -Private Screenings with the Boss-


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deatheatercharlie Rating
Has potential, but it's very short and slow moving plot. Don't spend your money until there are more chapters out. Maybe 6 or more.
Carrot Rating
First chapter was great! Really hooked on the story so far and can't wait to read what's next. Loving the two main characters so far as well!
bunniefufu Rating
This is defiantelt an intresting title for being 1 chaopter in right now. I really apperciate the POV from the porn industry. Really excited to see more of this manga series..! So far- 4/5 for me ^^
Strick Rating
Slow moving plot, otherwise it's just "ok". I'm on ch.4 so far. No love involved just work and skipped sex scenes (that's unusual in this type of manga!)
Kayrin91 Rating
I like the art, story and characters so far. Looking forward to reading more.
Yahiko03 Rating
It sucks that a lot of these mangas have stupid main female leads. This girl is just annoying!!
MaySage Rating
Adorable, beautiful art--I can't wait for more!
Risuna Rating
Disclaimer: at the time of this review I've only read the first chapter - ahem - *cue high-pitch squeal* I super, seriously can't wait for the next chapter~! The artwork is wonderful, the story flows at a nice pace, I love how Yuusuke dominates Satsuki & very eager to keep reading~!
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