User Reviews For: First Come, First Served [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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kurome Rating
This is rare a virgin eating uke and a seme who is so committed to their relationshipespecially the hot steamy sex scenes I have found my favorite manga of all time, except for the oneshot it has it was cliche but okay My life's complete with the main story that is
theakaneko Rating
This story is really cute. The couple are both kind of awkward in different ways - one is used to sex with minimal relationship and the other to having a relationship without sex - and their love meets in the middle. Very happy.
bunnysandy21 Rating
I love it!!!!
joaisis Rating
Lovely story and couple
ebookrenta0d82br7s0 Rating
Surprisingly adorable smutty story.
Katto10 Rating
I love Soutome Emu <3
radish Rating
One of the sweetest, sexiest, and gorgeous BLs I've ever read
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