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Alya Rating
Nijima, the protagonist, is a friend in Be My Baby. You don't need to read Be my baby first before reading this. Be My Darling is a funny short chapter around 28 pages with a bit of smut. If you want to read a relaxing story that is a bit funny with some nsfw then I'd suggest you to buy one. PS. I don't know if there'll be any more chapters after this but the chapter can be read as one-shot story and it has a complete end within itself so you don't need to worry that the ending'll leave you hanging unless you want to read more of the relationship between them (like me).
YUKI93 Rating
Not a bad manga, but I do feel that it's a bit too short. I would definitely hope to see a follow-up to this manga with more development on the storyline.
peachykeenme Rating
I read be my baby and i am so happy to see a spin off!!!