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theakaneko Rating
Oh my gosh, this is so adorable! I cant wait for more to be out!
eboggs Rating
Incredibly cute story and characters. Beautiful art. Reminds me of Puku Okuyama's work =^.^= We all need a Chihiro in our home ^ ^ Now I need to find some chiffon cake!
Alyssianrei Rating
Absolutely adorable! If you're looking for immediate spice, this isn't it. Very cute and can't wait for further releases!
AnonWoomy Rating
Absolutely gut-wrenchingly cute. I can't stand how much I love this. This happiness is euphoric. Chihiro is perfect. GAH.
RikasGrayWolf Rating
This was so soft and fluffy and I loved each and every character. Also, I'm really hoping that there is a spin-off for Reo cuz that boi deserves love too. ;-; This was a lovely read and I'm glad I bought the series. So worth it. ?
Ladyharmonixer Rating
Super adorable. The art and story were as cute and sweet as I'm sure the chiffon cake was.A gentle story, light on the super dramatic angst so often seen in stories of this type, I really enjoyed it.
acedevorak Rating
Light and sweet, a nice change of pace to focus on making amends with an "enemy"
Blackcat Rating
I loved this manga.
snglongqua Rating
Cute as FUCK
Gill Evil Master Rating
It's relly cute with me :)
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