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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love spunky, happy go lucky heroines so much!!! Aio is just so incredibly earnest and sincere with her feelings for Yuri. I'm rooting for you girl!!! She's not like pestering him with her feelings, but she's definitely not shying away either. And Yuri is one cool cucumber. I think they're a cute match. The art is nice and I'm liking this story very much so far. It's very much a feel good read.
aeri Rating
This is a very refreshing manga...the main girl is really likeable and definitely cheering for her. As the other reviewer mentioned, the way she tells him her feelings definitely isn't forced upon him, and their interaction with each other (and other characters) made me wanting to read more. I definitely need more than the current 5 chapters and hoping the next ones are coming soon <3
Capitulate Rating
This is super cute. I actually really like Yuri's careful, measured approach to a relationship with Aio. He's totally leading man material even though noone in the story besides Aio seems to think so. I like the art in this. It's funny when it's appropriate, and pretty when it matters. The MC is really likeable as are the rest of the cast, especially the guys. Yuri, Ryan, and Sumomo are all awesome.
draw2much83 Rating
Surprisingly adorable! You really cheer for the female lead, hoping her persistence wins! She's utterly charming and if the male lead doesn't like her... well, something must be OBVIOUSLY wrong with him. I'm always glad when a new chapter comes out and get it as soon as I can, highly recommended!
serenereve Rating
Really cute and innocent!
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