User Reviews For: Someday My Prince Will Come [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]


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radish Rating
Cuuute! This is a sequel focusing on a different pairing from "You're My Princess" from the same author, so if you enjoyed that title, I'm sure you'll enjoy this~ I actually really enjoyed this one over its prequel!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
All the stars for this sequel/spin-off!!!! So stinkin cute!! Gahhh!!! I loved it!! Fuji is so adorable and loyal to the royal PITA Mizuki. Mizuki is cute too, just a bit full of himself. I liked how we get a lot of closure with this storyline and nothing is really left unanswered. We see the first couple still super lovey dovey, which is great! And we see character growth with Mizuki and Fuji. Love how Tetsu is left out and we meet his girlfriend!! And she's a fujoshi!!! Priceless!! So funny, great dialogue, art is great, it's a keeper!!
kleepart Rating
I quite enjoyed this one. The art was great, and the story had a unique twist. It was neat to see what happens to the so-called 'villain' in the story. I also enjoyed watching him walk the path to redemption and find a new way to go.
Safdiedthreeyearsago Rating
I loved it !! It's very cute and fluffy, and a good read if you just want to get into a 'feel good' mood, with just a sprinkling of angst thrown in for the sake of spicing things up.
Rocky Rating
We got to see our 3 cuties and our #1 prince again! Even though this one had more of a darker tone it was still interesting to see what happened to that troublemaker...we need a Tetsu and Meg one next
nbyk Rating
While I Do like the story, there is sexual assault, first between a MC and another character, then between MCsSo yikes
Alunsford97 Rating
I'm desperate for more Fuji!!!! I need a follow up on this couple! This was sooo my type. the prequel was wholesome but this was straight up HOTT. I need more nose bleed sex scenes! I wanna see Fuji try so hard to be the top Mizuki needs! My only complaint is that the action is a bit rushed after the trauma scene. It is well done but leaves me wishing for more romance between these two. There is so much more potential Please please PLEASE give me a bonus short or something! I'd buy a whole additional volume of just these two! I will give you all my money all you have to do is draw more Fuji???
HappyBerry27 Rating
This is absolutely adorable!!!
HorseObsessed Rating
In the beginning of the story there was comedy, but this book is alot more serious than the previous book. It delves into the reasons why Mizuki did everything he did to Itsumi & eventually resolves it. This is another book I really like from this author. WARNING: there is Sexual Assault in this book. I suggested on the review of the 1st book that there be a Tankobon with Tetsu & his girlfriend. I'd like to see what their relationship is like, she sounds like she's a bit of a dominatrix. It just sounds like it's a fun relationship.
nonarygamed Rating
This was such a good and sweet sequel it made me cry.
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