User Reviews For: My Home, Your One-Room [Plus Bonus Page and Renta!-Only Bonus]


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GrimLuciel Rating
Tender, sweet and romantic. The love feels genuine and is lovely to see them fall in love.
ebookrenta02g6pn0nf Rating
This is so cute awwwwww........
YATO Rating
This is Soo freekin SWEET
bluerabu Rating
I rarely like yaoi, but this one was so sweet and tender. I loved the thoughtful slow burn which makes the sex all that more meaningful.
EmTheHooligan Rating
I'm genuinely surprised, but happy, with this story. I was not expecting it to be so cute and funny, and different from the majority of yaoi manga. This story may have reached Rutta To Kodama level for me (that's really high on my love-scale).
MayInu Rating
An okay, lighthearted read. Nothing much happens.
animepie Rating
I loved it. The story is so soft and fun. Te characters were cute. I like how the bottom really took the time to consider a lot of things with such seriousness. You can really see how they care for each other. The one shot was also nice too. Very sexy.
legallybling Rating
This is a sweet friends to lovers story. I love how laid back their romance is. The art is also super cute!
caporushes Rating
This was super cute! A fluffy romance with two charming leads. Their straightforwardness was great, and I loved the way their romance unfolded.
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