User Reviews For: Shota Ono, 18 Years Old. Today I Got a Boyfriend!


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is cute! It's a nice change up from the usual feminine guys in so many different manga. I like that it's about two jocks!! I like that there was supposed to be this slow-burn type of relationship, but these boys are too hot for each other. They're both cute and lovable. I like the art too!
AinoKusabi Rating
Fluffy and sweet so far, but I can sense something hot brewing!
Clevergoat15 Rating
This story was sweet and I loved how open the uke was about his desire for sex.
azoubee2 Rating
Nice and sweet romance. The plot feels natural and laid-back. The art is excellent and consistent. I really enjoyed it.
beleghir Rating
This is so sweet and adorable! I absolutely loved it <3
ravenre6 Rating
I really like it you should read it
Bellpepper69 Rating
This has to be one of my favorite comics on Renta. I keep coming back to it no matter how many times I read it. Great art. Sweet story. Steamy scenes. My only complaint is that it's not longer. I really love yaoi with sports as a subplot or even just as set dressing. I hope they add more comics like this that have sports.
ebookrenta07bl68te6 Rating
Really good comic
Rcpaladin Rating
Love it. Love this author
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