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kleepart Rating
This is a pretty darn cute manga. The characters are sweet, the relationships are pretty wholesome, and there's nothing questionable. Since the stories are fairly short none of them go too deep, but the lovely art and fluffy storylines make up for that. Definitely worth the read.
animepie Rating
Cute! These were all sweet and cute. Even the last one...lmao
flyButter Rating
It's a cute story and all...But the last one???. I loved it! Both really, I mean all! They were all super fluffy and funny! Omg. This is love!
GregorIAN Rating
Fuga and Nanaya were 5 stars for me. The rest were not as great. Akio and Umi were interesting. I wish I could've gotten that one separate. I am a sucker for "cute" tops.
daisuke Rating
It was a great read! The art was a little different but very flattering to the characters, and each story was short and cute. Recommended if you want fast-paced and simple, cute romance.
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