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idgal Rating
Interesting BL with more plot than smut. FYI it feels like the story is going to continue. I like the way the characters were written as they were not 2 dimensional like a lot of BL.
funbrillo Rating
Absolutely beautiful. I loved the art and story. It is a slow but beautifully moving story. Two lonely people who seem to be bringing light into each other's lives. There will obviously be a volume 2 to this but this volume ends on a nice note. The friend Lucy is also a wonderful and supportive character to Angel. I also love that Julio is not a ripped hunk but a cute, slightly chubby teddy bear looking guy. That is a nice change in that they look like real people.
AinoKusabi Rating
Soon as I saw the cover (which I recognized), I had to read the story. This story is a breath of fresh air--no smut--just a pair of honest, average men living their lives while striving for acceptance. The art is beautiful as is their relationship. I noticed near the end, it read "to be continued", not sure if that means there will be second volume, but I really hope so.
radish Rating
Beautiful, adventurous, and honestly breath taking. The art style is sooo pretty!! It's really story heavy with minimal smut (there is a scene but don't expect anything graphic;; as much as I like my smut, I appreciate that they didn't focus too much on it in this) Looking forward to the next volume; really hope nothing horrible happens to the MCs..
Strang1 Rating
Loved everything about this! The story was great, the art was exceptional (did the expressions great). A good mix of comedy, romance, and drama that felt real. Bought this almost immediately after I saw the previews of it on twitter, that's how much it hooked me! Hope there's more to come, because it feels like this is the first of many volumes to come.
Viscerall Rating
Interesting oneshot with unique characters. The art is really nice and fresh, and I enjoyed reading every page. If you're looking for something a little different, I'd recommend reading this.
Ioalv Rating
The beginnings of a great story: It has a strong start, interesting characters set up, and beautiful art; A unique and original story about two men who help each other break their own molds while falling in love in the process -it's a BL after all. Definitely worth the reading! It will leave you craving for more and hopefully it won't be long before we get a new volume.
noface96 Rating
Such a change of pace!
Hakoniwa Rating
I really love this history. Ted and Julio are great caracters and drawings are so beautiful.
aristar Rating
I love the art style and story! It's soft and sweet, and it seems like there's going to be more to the story since the ending is kind of abrupt, like others have noted.
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