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sammy86067 Rating
I love the split personality of the seme and of course love older ukes.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Haha!!! This is so inappropriate!! I know they're not blood related but eww. This is taboo for sure, but done in such a way that I'm able to just see this story as it is. A fumbling simpleton getting played by a very precocious high schooler he's raised since he was little. With great art! Also just how quickly things escalate with these two is kinda funny. Yuichiro is such a helicopter parent and Akito is definitely devious with a jealousy streak a mile wide.
nonarygamed Rating
If you like cute men who are too stupid for their own good, this is perfect for you. Morosexuality is real in this.
papersmile Rating
""If We're Gonna Do It, Use The Daddy Hole" is the perfect amount of raunchy and sweet intermixed; each chapter hits both beats as the relationship builds between this supreme pairing.I couldn't stop myself from greedily gobbling up all twelve chapters of this comic in one setting. This kind of paring is a secret favorite of mine, and the way it's handled here is so hot and fun! I definitely recommend it to anyone who is curious, totally worth every penny!
Thenameislynn Rating
Dubcon at its best. Lol.. the end of chap 5 tho. Aaaaaand he's still an idiot..
Nicoletta Rating
Wow, this was such a wonderful surprise! I liked how their relationship evolved to include romantic love and sex, but while not forgetting the bond they forged while Akito was growing up and Yuichiro raised him. Someone would think this resembles incest too much, but in my opinion the author was very good in handling the subject: the fact that the pursuer is the 'son' removes the disturbing element that is often linked to incest, the idea that the younger partner is taken advantage of. In this manga, if anyone is being taken advantage of, it's definitely Yuichiro, who doesn't seem to understand what is happening for the first part of the story (which is hilarious).The art is very good and the sex scenes very hot, so this manga is definitely recommended!
Kasu Rating
It's a pretty fun manga but it's too bad I feel the dad is a little to easy to be duped.
luna1513 Rating
This such a funny romance. The naive older guy and the young guy being a wolf in sheeps clothing is such a fun dynamic. A great read!
hanandduke Rating
I just read chapter 9 and I laughed so hard at the end omg
Chrisss Rating
This is exactly the kind of material I am here for. A very sensual dominance/submission dynamic.
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