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biggestrebel Rating
I read all three volumes in one day and I love it!!!! The stories are all worth the points to read and keep and I cant wait to read again.Cute, funny, and a lot of character!
funbrillo Rating
This Drawn series keeps getting better and better. You can really see the love building between these 2 couple through the three volumes so far. I would love to see this author's other series which appears to be a spin-off with Ms. Wakame (mentioned in afterwards). I know there are more volumes to this series and I can't wait. They will start working in another couple in the future and I just can't wait! I was a bit worried after reading the first two volumes but with this one you really see the development and feel more secure about the couple's love for each other. Just keep reading. It gets better with each new volume.
Thenameislynn Rating
I love this series. Its a pretty light read. But I do hope renta will pickup the spinoff couple. The spinoff author-themed series would shed some light on their side couple; Ozaki and Akane's love story.
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