User Reviews For: My Personal Main Character [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]


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misamatsu Rating
this is really worth the money for me i wholesomely whole heartily enjoyed it
kurome Rating
So worth the money! I loved everything about this story and it's so original! It's funny, has a possessive seme, and their both cherry boys! I feel like my life is complete. T
Niyuar Rating
Bought it because of the good reviews and was really disappointed. I found the possessive seme pretty creepy. And the relationship didn't seem balanced. I mean the uke agrees to having sex in the beginning because he doesn't want to lose face.
insertflavourhere Rating
The firt one I've purchased from Renta and I really enjoyed reading every pages! Good for the heart haha!
kittywitty Rating
Really cute and oddly inspiring. I'm a fan of the "useless boyfriend" trope, but this time it was extra good, without going into spoilers, because of how they grow as people. If you want a cute story with some good sex scenes, that will also make you want to try harder at your dreams, this is the manga for you!
blfan084 Rating
This is surprisingly a really cute story! Tsugio is funny and even kinda cute, Mutsuhisa is sweet, it's just overall a pretty wholesome and funny story.
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