User Reviews For: My Personal Main Character [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]


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misamatsu Rating
this is really worth the money for me i wholesomely whole heartily enjoyed it
Niyuar Rating
Bought it because of the good reviews and was really disappointed. I found the possessive seme pretty creepy. And the relationship didn't seem balanced. I mean the uke agrees to having sex in the beginning because he doesn't want to lose face.
kittywitty Rating
Really cute and oddly inspiring. I'm a fan of the "useless boyfriend" trope, but this time it was extra good, without going into spoilers, because of how they grow as people. If you want a cute story with some good sex scenes, that will also make you want to try harder at your dreams, this is the manga for you!
kurome Rating
So worth the money! I loved everything about this story and it's so original! It's funny, has a possessive seme, and their both cherry boys! I feel like my life is complete. T
Mnky3 Rating
It was cute but the possessiveness was weird and the age gab didn't matter? Felt rushed...
ShiinaMH Rating
Hahaha! Delusional and Hilarious MC
insertflavourhere Rating
The firt one I've purchased from Renta and I really enjoyed reading every pages! Good for the heart haha!
blfan084 Rating
This is surprisingly a really cute story! Tsugio is funny and even kinda cute, Mutsuhisa is sweet, it's just overall a pretty wholesome and funny story.
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