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DarthKristinous Rating
Interesting story so far. It's cute and funny. Both characters are very realistic and I am hoping they end up together. Can't wait for the next one!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is so good!!! Misunderstandings of EPIC proportions!! So lol funny! Love my yaoi fan girls! And I love when the male lead isn't what you'd expect him to be. The art is fantastic and this story line so far is so dang catchy and fun. I hope the 2nd chapter keeps the laughs rolling and the plot steamy!! I like it a lot!
Norman14 Rating
I'm only on the second volume but already love it. IDK why it took me so long to read this but so glad I did! It's funny, sexy and unexpected. The main characters are great and their internal dialogues crack me up. I love it when the men AREN'T jerks and the women aren't just quivering masses of submissiveness. This story has something that I've recently realized was missing from sooo many manga-consent! It's amazing how commonplace non-con scenes are. If you like The Artist and the Beast, Overcumming Writer's Block and Allergic to Love, do yourself a favor and read this. You won't be disappointed!
Otometrash Rating
I saw this on the Japanese's renta website and I was hoping that it would be translated, it seems like my prayer has been answered! I absolutely love the female lead, because she is relatable and hilarious. The male lead is also equally funny and I love how he isn't your typical perfect or asshole love interest, but rather he is kinda awkward, which I love some much. The art is also great, the smut is good and the relationship is so cute. I can't wait to see more of these characters and their relationship!
Nyanko Rating
Highly recommended! Charming and hilarious, this one pairs comedy with the emotional poignancy of two people trying to connect but afraid to lose the relationship before it takes off. The female lead is passionate about what she likes and doesn't mind introducing her partner to her world. She wants to be accepted for who she is, and won't hide it to make herself fit a feminine ideal. Inexperienced in love, the male lead allows the female lead to pull him along with her and open himself up emotionally. Taciturn and shy, he is smitten by her attitude towards life and treats her with respect. Relating and connecting are key themes. She has a strong friendship based on mutual interests and he has a father who is much more interested in his son developing a loving relationship than cementing a dynastic one, plus he's a cutie.
Ser0216 Rating
MORE PLEASE!! Seriously, so good! The characters are original and the writing is hilarious! Can't wait for the next installment :) Great job!
Delunaeris Rating
It's so cute! I thought it would be cliche with the guy bullying the girl, but nope. I mean the guy still angry, but when you read his thoughts - cute!Also the female lead is my spirit animal.
PassionDevourer Rating
I love where this is going currently. It's quite interesting to see two people so blatantly opposed to communication attempt to figure a way out of their predicaments. I look forward to seeing where it goes next.
FoxyFlare Rating
Omg, I can so relate to the MC. The wonderful life troubles if being a Fangirl. This story is the embodiment of the Fangirl dream. Love it!
queenturfstar Rating
This is a funny comic but not so much on the hot and lusty. Still a good read.
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