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Nyanko Rating
There's nothing particularly bad about this story, but it's nothing neither, either. It's an office romance that starts out with sex before the relationship is clarified through mutual acceptance of kokuhaku, complicated by rumors and insecurity. There's some minor drama before things settle, and that's about it. The art is good, and looks better than the cover art, but like the story there's nothing that really sets it out from the pack. Summary: a quick read that's ultimately easily forgotten.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Cute, simple love story. Don't believe gossip folks, that's the lesson here. There is no character development. Art is pretty ok. It was a very short story, a one-shot. It begins with the H/h doing OT together and one thing leads to another and wham, bam, they're in a friends with benefits thing because she doesn't want to fall more in love with him. Wish in these stories we would get the guys POV too. Oh well. Not bad at all.
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