User Reviews For: What My Little Brother Is Begging for Today


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Nopeachesforme Rating
While the first two chapters are about brothers in an incestuous relationship (not half- or step-brothers, surprisingly!), the rest of the stories are of the "big bro/little bro" power dynamic sort, with one character having some form of power or authority over the other (be that the boss of a now-dead but still pining employee, or an experienced trucker and the young hitchhiker who reminds him of his childhood dog). They're all very good stories, and well worth buying, they're just not all about literal brothers! ...The ghost one was particularly cute, and I really recommend it.
Animefreak Rating
There's four different stories, all cute!
Corpse Rating
I love this one so much. The art and characters are so cute.
houston20 Rating
All the stories made my heartbeat go through the roof, the art of tsumumi-sensei is cute and full of fluff.
Dosdeamor2 Rating
Adorable and the other stories just make ya wanna smile too.
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