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kcfantastic Rating
I want a freakin sequel! Ooh I loved it! I rented it first, bought more tokens just so I could upgrade and keep it. A yandere! He's a borderline (no one dies so I'm not giving him the full title, but that's okay, because I'm not sure if I could like him if he had killed someone) yandere! Great characters, steamy scenes and fantastic art of course. And this trope might turn you off, the events of this story may worry you, but ultimately I'm impressed with how the author made a scenario where the love interest comes around through knowledge of himself and not through brain washing. I'm being vague, I know. But I don't want to spoil too much. I already feel bad for giving stuff away, but ugh, read it, if you like possessive characters (not in real life, that's not healthy, please keep fiction and reality separate). And don't if it will make you uncomfortable. I myself really liked this and want more.
Lalagirl Rating
It was cute at first...not so cute at the end ; the seme is a bit scary and too possessive for my taste, I didn't even make it to the end to be honest.
fionav3 Rating
Well, that was certainly an interesting read! Started out cute but then quickly took a turn onto what-the-heck-crazy-corner! However, despite the weirdness of the story and the possible stockholm-syndrome from the uke, this wasn't a bad manga. The story actually took its time to develop, and despite the seme's obsessive and crazy tendencies, it was obvious that he genuinely cared for the uke (which is more than I can say for the last manga I read!).
ilrickycat Rating
This definitely surprised me. A good read if you like less violent but still disturbing yandere's.
Carbon87 Rating
I really enjoy one-shots, so I may be a bit biased. That said, the story was good and the art was great! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was the use of, basically, kidnapping/forceable detention, which pushed the limits to almost non-con in my opinion. Since non-con isn't my cup of tea in any situation, I docked my review. Overall, though, a happy ending with the loose ends all tied up!
Shiyon Rating
If you're able to separate fiction and reality and don't mind a yandere, this is a really great read! There's lots of exciting times and suspense that really keeps the flow going. I'll probably end up rereading this again at some point so I'm glad I decided to rent it permanently rather than for only 48 hours. If you're not into possessive guys with selfish mindsets and sketchy ways of doing things though, probably don't read this one. Also be sure to avoid that type of guy in real life too because that's just a lot of alarm bells that need to be listened to unless it's fiction.
Dosdeamor2 Rating
Loved the story great art and most of all the characters are easy to relate to.
TheBetterStory Rating
I rented this and didn't end up upgrading. Non-con and kidnapping ARE my cup of tea (and make no mistake, the first sex scene in here is straight up non-con), but this didn't do it for me. Yasuharu's a paint-by-numbers possessive/popular yandere top, missing the instability, quirkiness or depth that can make that type interesting. Yuma is more unique, and his pessimism and anxiety are relatable, but he doesn't actually grow as a character or overcome his problems
Animelover376 Rating
Great possive love story
Corruptkitty Rating
Well that escalated quickly pretty much sums this up. BUT IT WAS SO GOOOOOD!
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