User Reviews For: He's a Predator [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]


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Corruptkitty Rating
Well that escalated quickly pretty much sums this up. BUT IT WAS SO GOOOOOD!
Alexaundrea Rating
I love this manga so much! It's so perfect! Both the characters are wonderful and it is truly a fantastic read!!
JOchoa13 Rating
I love this book/couple. The story is interesting, almost scary, but super sweet and very sexy with the m/m. Highly recommend it!
Byrd Rating
If there was a number 2, I would so read it.
Anon Rating
Possessive stuff isn't usually my cup of tea but I enjoyed this a lot, definitely worth the read :)
tylerssocks Rating
A little non-con...and a real whirlwind but overall so cute! A nice find.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
It's interesting for sure. The story of two life long friends that have severe codependency issues with one another. The seme is crazy about his bestie. Being bffs isn't enough for him anymore and he'll stop at nothing to ensure he's always the closest person to him. Like lock him up and throw away the key! He's possessive and very pure in a way of how deeply he loves his bff. Just don't get in between them lol!!! I rented this because I'll probably never reread it. It's not my cuppa. It's not funny or remotely sexy in my opinion. Only thing I really liked was how devoted he was to his bff.
princetheripper Rating
I bought this rather than rented due the other review giving it a 5 star, and now I regretted due to how horrible this story is. The seme is literally a manipulative psycho. He imprisons the uke and touches and licks him all over day and night, claiming he wants to make the uke can't live without him. He even boasts to a friend when he wonders why the uke is absent from work. And rather than calling the police, the friend just warned the seme on the severity of false imprisonment and left it at that. When the uke was so aroused from days of foreplay and wanted sex, the seme denied it claiming sex is crossing the line (so sexual harrassment and kidnapping and imprisonment is not??) forcing the uke into admitting his feelings for him (stockholm syndrome) before he returned the feeling and became officially boyfriends which meant sex is okay now. The author even introduced a stalker girl who tresspassed to save the imprisoned uke as if saying here's someone worse so the seme isn't so bad!
hanssa87 Rating
I loved the borderline "tame" yandere vibes, sometimes being a little possessive is delicious lol I loved it
aliceanimelover Rating
It....was an okay read. The story and relationship felt rushed and forced. In a way, it's nice the feelings are mutual between them in the end, but at the same time it didn't feel natural... so I didn't really enjoy the story. However, the artwork was beautiful and thank the author for your hard work nonetheless.
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