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Jinx Rating
Personally, I liked it. The art was good and Kaito takes his time with sexy moments of forplay (which is always a plus to not have the guy just put it in). But one downside was the ending felt a bit rushed, so that was disappointing. Kaito's character could have been more developed.
bunniefufu Rating
The story is very fast paced which threw me off actually. Not bad but could have slowed down a bit. It's a good read and the MC is likeable. She's not a complete moron and that is a plus! Considering that this is book 1, so far, pretty good. Waiting to see what happens next. Will update.
Bananamilk Rating
Great art. It's unique that the male MC was a virgin to begin with and I think that was a good premise for the story. The main characters are likeable and the story focused on them. It was a good read for me.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yessss!!!! I love unrequited love that finally becomes mutual or they finally confess and get together. Yes the action gets pretty hot and heavy very quickly but they've been holding back for years!!!! I love that they've both saved their first times for each other too!!! I'm such a sucker for that in a story. The art is good. I liked it. At times I even thought whoa, Kento is dreamy looking. Anyway it's sweet. It hits the feels.
toogoodtobetrue Rating
I prefer one shot stories like this. At least this is only about one couple. The story does not go too fast in my opinion. It is interresting that MC is a virgin. No third parties. This kind of storyboard is for me
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