User Reviews For: I Love You the Most in the Entire Universe [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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kirinaru Rating
Very sweet; good for the body, good for the soul. Pretty lighthearted. Not much smut if that's what you're looking for. Art is great, love Minoru's expressions and down to earth character.
MioAkiyama Rating
CUTE MANGA. Sola is an alien that crash-landed on earth to find a bride to marry. Minoru who was working at his farm went to the crash site to only see Sola stealing?(tomatoes) to eat! Sola then took shelter at Minoru's house where the budding feelings grew, till Sola had to say goodbye. I love the lighthearted story that heals the soul
acedevorak Rating
Super sweet classic
SadAsian Rating
Its so cute! Nothing hard-core and the story is nice
tamayura Rating
Such a cute story!! <3
nasy Rating
heart warming and fluffy! very light hearted like i expectedthe main couple and side couple are both air head x serious dynamic
lokie1808 Rating
An absolutely adorable work that doesn't draw out the drama into a million different plot points. The characters and art are amazing, would highly recommend this work.
AliceUndrground Rating
Super cute
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