User Reviews For: I'm Going to Have My Way with You [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Tomiko18231 Rating
Really enjoyed this, short, sweet and with some character growth.
cohen5483 Rating
A poor girl marrying to save her family and ends up falling in love as a result. It's pretty typical but who doesn't love a good clean story once in a while. The heroine is also not a damsel in distress and works hard to do everything herself. Agreed that the guy can be pushy and aggressive at times but 100% considerate.
Weeb4Life Rating
I love it. So. MUCH!! Just everything about this manga makes me happy, the characters, the art, the story, all wonderful! And for those who might be concerned about consent issues (I know I was after reading the summary), while the guy is quite pushy and arrogant, he never forces the MC to do anything she doesn't explicitly want (and the couple times he comes close to it, the MC pushes back and he apologises). Seriously, there's nothing sexier imho than a loving and consensual relationship. And even the side characters get their fair share of good character development (I'm especially loving the LI's secretary, Kaede, who's pretty awesome). I definitely recommend getting this manga, it's 100% worth the price!
13ella Rating
I love the main characters, the female lead is hilarious she's strong willed, not ditzy (which i hate). It's not multiple short stories, which is worth the points since its actually really good!!
Lin Rating
I love this story. There's some character development, good plot, nice art, very cute. Worth my money
Elphones Rating
Super sweet, The guy is a little aggro, but I think they deal with it well enough by having a female lead who's a little less passive than I expected honestly. All in all very nice, pretty sexy and the dude is hella sweet when he gets to be.
MagPie94 Rating
O.M.G. so cute!!Ryo and Yuki's first meeting starts nice, and then Ryo's misunderstanding just make me think 'Wow, is gonna he an S?' lol.I love the background drawings, and I like how traditional the outfits are.I would love to see a continuation, or a side story for their childhood friends.
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