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morgankingwarlord Rating
good chapter one waiting on more before i give a full review
Gumlea Rating
The couple's 24 and 16, so that's pretty weird, but it's cute if you ignore that. The 18+ rating is not needed-- not a lot of blood nor was there any sex. Worth a reread.
ebookrenta0mtqzinb8 Rating
Very nice Yuri, Best one on site.
ebookrenta0ei27mvdn Rating
It was an okay story, and I'm glad it had a conclusive ending that tied things up for the main characters. The art was fine, though it did seem to be a bit lacking in some minor panels, but nothing distracting.
SunnyEWA Rating
A very cute story. The end seemed a bit rushed but still very well developed. It really is a sweet coming of age story. It's probably best they don't go into her past experiences in detail, but you still feel the weight of how the define her current behaviors.
Nekoshy13 Rating
Out of all the yuri manga on this site, I love this one the most!
andiekae Rating
It's very light on the romantic interaction, the art is decent, and it's pretty well-paced. The ending felt a bit like it was just tacked on to give us an ending rather than really being intentional, but otherwise not bad.
aliceanimelover Rating
It had a really cliche storyline and it was easy to predict the outcome of every scenario and outcome of it all, so it wasn't as entertaining at I wish it would have been. The "character development" in this story is pretty bad too and was rushed so it didn't feel natural enough. Overall, if I have to give this story a realistic rating, at best a 3 star, and but it deserves a 2 star. The artwork is beautiful so it was a shame the story wasn't that good. However..... I want to give it 5 stars simply because this is the first yuri story I come across to use the popular shoujo tropes and dub-con yaoi tropes (minus the smut).
Sighz Rating
Cute, tugs on the heart strings. Definite tragedy for the characters. There's not a ton of back story on everyone. The sexy/smut is pretty non-existent. If you want a cute, yuri read, this would be it. It's enjoyable and ends tidily.
angelfeathers Rating
cute story
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