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Mari21 Rating
The story line is different compared to your normal manga but the sences are definitely worth!
Jasmin Nunez Rating
The art is nice, and the story is simple and straight to the point, so its a perfect short read, but fair warning, it is a bit dry and has no depth, so don't hold it high expectations lol
andiekae Rating
I'm losing track of how many times I've reread this waiting for the next volume xD The art is cute and although the story is a bit campy and not too deep it's still fun! A good read to pass the time if nothing else~~
Aili Rating
"So that's what a real boob looks like." He says while looking at a pair of the most unrealistic boobs in existence. It's a quick read, no real depth. I found it funny enough to be enjoyable though.
peichi Rating
Pretty good and worth the tickets imo, but I wish it felt a little less like a straight hentai manga for men and more like a love manga for women. It's still good and cute and I guess it's good to have a manga like this that has a lot of cross appeal with men. But it felt like other than being from the FL perspective, there was no real female gaze here.
anattaxo Rating
The art is fantastic and the love scenes are great. Although the story isn't anything original, this is a fun read.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Yay! I like this Manga , please i want mooooore
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