User Reviews For: The Lovesick Flower Buds Waiting for Spring [Plus Bonus Page and Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Thenameislynn Rating
Its not the typical plot where everyone is conveniently gay or accepting their sexuality right off the bat. They were both slowly trying to discover their feelings and sexuality and it was a really good ride. I wish there is a fluffy sequel~
GregorIAN Rating
I'm a sucker for delinquents when they're really sweet. Slow burning despite length and ultimately one of the most realistic yaoi that glorifies consent and actually caring about the person you have a relationship with.Not sure if it is a spoiler, but I wanted to know this, so I think some people might - delinquent top.
LetMeIn Rating
A positive surprise! I wasn't expecting to read such a cute, realistic and simply interesting slow pace story. I thought this would be one of those basic quick smut stories but no, this had an actual plot and beautiful art. You feel for the characters as they are pondering their own feelings and coming to terms with their feelings of love. It's not annoyingly prolonged either, just perfect. I love the little brother as well, he helped making the story fulfilling. The brothers' sibling relationship is so sweet and they are both low-key brocons. I will come back to read this one again, it's so healing and heartwarming.
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