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Rogue196 Rating
Hoping this would update soon because every single chapter is such a wonder!
Ricelily Rating
Still super adorkable, I can't wait to
Joanhennessy00 Rating
Omg I love this series so much. Every chapter makes me laugh and the characters are all amazing too. I love the slow burn between Yositaka and Kaede from the first volume and second volume to them clearly getting really serious now. I'm dying for the next chapter, I can't wait to read more.
TouchTheSound Rating
I love the series, I can't wait for more!
biggestrebel Rating
Ah how I wish this series could go on forever. Theyre so cute and funny I love them!!!
toomuchmanga Rating
I really love this series, and I've reread a couple times too! It's a really fun story with fun, interesting characters. I really enjoyed every chapter of this book, and they other two as well!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Cute to the very last drop!!!! These two screwball lovebirds are so cute and horny lol!!!! I love it!!! They just be falling in love with each other all over again. This series is so good!!! There's gonna be more right!!? Or even a spin-off?? Keep'em coming please!!!
vanlee84 Rating
What a delightful story. The art is pretty, the comedy is great. I hope there's another volume or some xtras.
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