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kyokobaby Rating
This is actually very sweet! The pacing is appropriate for the length of the work, and the art is perfect. I was initially a little iffy on the premise but I was pleasantly surprised how quickly some depth got mixed in. You don't get a lot of backstory or history regarding the characters, but you don't really need it; it didn't detract from the story at all. The miscommunication between the mains is resolved via an honest talk. FYI, there is a potential lack of consent moment, but it doesn't happen all the way through. I'm not sure the story had to go that direction, I think there could have been a different option, but the way the mains resolved their differences made up for it, for me.
love36 Rating
Love it. A boy with trying to learn self control but it looks like he going to learn more the just that but feelings too
Mrsmangame123 Rating
The story moves incredibly fast. The art is nice. The characters are kinda whatever right now. Chihiro spills his soul out way too quickly to his new neighbor Kota. And I'm not sure about this Kota guy. Who
Ser0216 Rating
Great start! Super sexy! More please :)
ebookrenta0z3oigzzy Rating
i love them sensitive
rapunzelsoo Rating
They look adorable together :)
ttgiggles Rating
Love it!,,,
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