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Story has a nice relationship development that befits Akira and Mitsuru. Akira is a strong, nurturing, and stubborn character and while Mitsru is strong in his own way, his upbringing has been controlled by his father so he's friendless and is dead inside. Wish there were more to Mitsuru's family background though. Akira pronounced that he'll be Mitsuru's friend and began calling out to Mitsuru everyday. One lunch accident led the two to cross the friends line and we start seeing the romance bloom. Mitsuru's quite the persuader, haha. Enjoyed the book thoroughly!
psychemenace Rating
I had been waiting to read this after stumbling upon the first chapter. The premise is good, moral guy x immoral guy. For only one volume, it definitely did its job to give us a whole package. It had a good amount of smut as well as sweet moments. To be honest I'm actually weak for jealous blushing semes XD. Everything went by in a flash! I wanted to see more of this pairing. I was looking forward to an extra, but there was none. :'(
GregorIAN Rating
Cute, quick, and simple - I appreciate the minimal drama and that the characters were given depths through side scenes which showed why they did what they did and how they grew together.
nyamcam Rating
It's an interesting development and it's actually really cute seeing these two become friends and eventually more. I sort of felt surprised where it ended - I thought there was more! Haha, it's a good story though, and surprisingly wholesome :')
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