User Reviews For: A Timid Woman Longing For Her Delivery Girl


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matto Rating
Very sweet and cute! I love it <3
angelfeathers Rating
A little slow, but extremely sweet. The slow part isn't a negative, but just me advising it isn't constant humor or lots of ttavel. The story is just quiet and cute.The chapters were a very good length, but the story feels a bit short as is. I would love to see an afterstory of some sort, maybe something about whether the main character plans on keeping that apartment, or a trip to the local farms who sell the mail order vegetables.
Lady Surreal Rating
Wow! My heart felt like it was melting from all the soft, fuzzy and warm emotions this series invoked within me. Absolutely adorable and a beautiful story progression and relationship development. Thank you.
azoubee2 Rating
Is it really completed? I wish I could read more.
Maya Rating
I went looking for copper and found gold. ??
This is such a cute and heartwarming GL manga. I could relate with the protagonist in the certain level because I am also awkward and shy around people from past bad experiences. The relationship between her and the love interest develops slowly but it gets a proper ending by the end (although I would have like an epilogue or an extra with them finally as a couple! But, oh well...).
tamayura Rating
So beautiful and cute, I'm crying.
asutasan Rating
A fluffy love story I haven't read in a while.
Vendarca Rating
I was looking to read something sweet and cute, and this really hit the spot! I wish there was just one more chapter, for a little bit more closure.. but for a quick 3 chapters, it's satisfying.
5hadow1ce Rating
Everything felt a bit forced, very average. some moments get brushed past and others dragged out too long. it had more potential at the start but it faded away. I didn't expect much and it didn't exceed my expectations. "Want to Sell Me Your Body?" is a better read then this, so i suggest you read that one then if you love it come back and read this one too
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