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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Loved this entire collection of stories!!! The first couple were too too cute!!! The second couple were a second chance type and the last couple were a friends (sorta) to lovers. Art was cute. It was funny and the last two stories had a bit of an angst vibe going on that I actually liked. Super feel good love going on though. Enjoyed it immensely.
Weeb4Life Rating
The first couple was so cute and adorable, pure RelationshipGoals right there, they both try so hard for each other and are so loving and devoted it makes my heart smile. The second couple wasn't so heart-warming. The girl is Hazumi's badass, no-nonsense co-worker but the guy is so infuriatingly flaky and irresponsible that there's no chance he'd ever be able to put in the work required for a relationship to work (let alone the super-long-distance one he's forced on the girl). Worse still, his mere presence destroys the girl's personality and renders her the pathetic opposite of everything I loved about her. But the last couple is the worst! Girl's hung up on a man who told her to wait for him (ofc he marries someone else) while the guy is too cowardly to tell her the truth about said deadbeat and pursue her himself. Poor girl really has to do all the work herself and drive the plot and their relationship all on her own. Only the first couple are worth reading, but they ARE wonderful.
kyokobaby Rating
All the stories were great, but pages 48-51 were worth the 5 bucks alone! I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard at a manga!
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