User Reviews For: A Seductive Relationship [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]


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SunnyEWA Rating
I love how the author let the story build. They let the tension build around the lack of information to create the drama, but still managed to clear it all up by the end with a sweet romance.
idgal Rating
Interesting story, totally different from what I expected.Great smut scenes and interesting characters,I do wish story wasn't all over place, it was odd like author didn't know if it's a comedy or drama.Recommend renting it first before upgrade
milk Rating
Even though the cover looks hot the story was really sweet. I enjoyed it a lot! Both of the characters looked surprisingly sweet! If u like a story with smooth plots and sweet endings then this is for ya!
squarechestnut Rating
I love the gradual development of their relationship, even their history and the little bit of mystery spiced up the story. The smut scenes are all hot, not cut too quick, and adequate. It's nice how Takumi, the top, was given a moment to be confused after doing it with a guy, which other manga forgets to add. And some details were not just there as accessories, but has an important role for the story, such as the story behind the rose tattoo, the reason why they're in the porn industry, and such. It's a great story and surely worth the money.
cyberpunkXgiggles Rating
Cute and funny
idunno529 Rating
Cute, sexy, great characters, great art, touching story, and really just everything I want from a yaoi
tep1one Rating
I love the story it was sexy, hot and cute.
PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
The title is kind of misleading in a sense. I honestly thought it was gonna be more than one scene of being seduced, but still was good. Maybe im disappointed it's one volume.? More could've been unpacked. Would still reread though
quietussleeps Rating
Hot, sexy and really nicely edited! Loved it.
Loserfairy Rating
Surprisingly sweet. Bought it expecting pure smut and got a really decent story.
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