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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Hum-a-na hum-a-na, what did I just read?! I don't even care if there's a plot here, I'm already all in!! Arts great! Guys are hawt! It's fast paced for sure, not sure what's going on really as of yet. Nor do I care. I just want to read about pretty and buff guys getting together. Tomoe is a total fool tho, ok harsh, he's naive, better? And that stranger? Is he a zombie? Lol. Anyway I want more please and thank you.
Those man-boobs! I wanna caress em, too! Anyways, story was kinda there, just not fleshed out. Could be better but it's a HEA for 'em, so I'm happy. It was instant love for Tomoe, whereas Zen took a teeny bit longer. We see Zen struggling a bit with this feeling and becomes quite agitated by it, poor boy. And while he's struggling, our uke is full-on offence, constantly showering Zen with his love. In a way, both characters forced himself on one another.
0549joyxjj Rating
Looking forward to reading more comics from this author she's sooooo great TTTTUTTTT great arts great sex (look what I just said) scenes!! One interesting thing that you won't know the top's name until vol.2 hhhh
Lemmein Rating
Super cute & actually quite soft & wholesome. Thank you for a great read??
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