User Reviews For: Bluer Than Summer [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]


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ariuryl Rating
This was such a good read! I even got teary-eyed during a lot of scenes. The couple was so adorable and I really want to see them live a long and happy life together. It's totally worth the money spent!
idgal Rating
I rented but had to upgrade. The way the story was going, I thought .... but thank god it don't go the bad end route.I like the characters a lot and the conflicts were surprisingly realistic.
malcosky Rating
This is so good! A nice story, I almost cried (*'
Kazz Rating
I shouldn't have read this before going to bed. The agony of not knowing if Rei's going to live in the next chapter is killing me... For me, the mangaka did a good job on pulling out all the right emotions I need to feel in every chapters/scenes.
Monmonmon Rating
Great story. If there's a sequel I'll definitely buy it too. No drama l, pure heart-warming story with adorable characters.
mulu27 Rating
Such a sweet read! I love the pure romance between the two main characters. :)
strawbellash Rating
Aww this is so adorable & wholesome. I really enjoy reading this one, the story was light, plot was good, the art was superb, the image quality is surprisingly good, too! Totally worth the price, guys. The hot scenes are also delishus ahah
ktenos99 Rating
UGH!!! Where to start. This is one of my absolute favorites! The author did an amazing job capturing the depth of their feelings for each other, and conveying to the readers just how much they were in love. Seriously, I could feel a knot in my throat reading some scenes. I loved that the two of them tackled issues together, like coming out. It was very pleasing to see them get their happy ending together despite their struggles, and the smut was the cherry on top!! Cute art, super lovable characters.
fionav3 Rating
Mizuki is such a SWEETHEART! Oh my gosh, his reasons for being a doctor were just...<3! This wasn't the best written manga in the world and it did end very suddenly, but the relationship between the two was so fluffy that I forgave the manga for its shortcomings.
Cyboarga Rating
Pretty sweet, just a little drama & lots of fluff
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