User Reviews For: A Tough Alpha Wants to Be Loved -Cornered by a Young Omega-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love when omegaverse gets flipped on its head. So refreshing. This is lol funny. Arts great. No backstory as of yet. The characters are cute. Seems like there could definitely be a real romance if given a chance. Four stars just because this ends at a weird spot and there isn't really a story here. But it's fun.
duckiesandlemons Rating
I always love when omegaverse has the alpha on bottom, and this was a rlly cute and sweet twist on it! A little fast paced and I feel like two chapters isn't quite enough, but the art is great and the two main characters were rlly enjoyable for the brief time I got to be with them. Overall, I would defs recommend this one.
xxalisonxx Rating
AMAZING! I was so amazed and blown away by the omegaverse role reversal! Just for that, this gets 5 stars. The rest of the story is hot and smutty. The story isn't very deep, but the characters are fun and charming! I found myself hooked the entire time.
hweianimeme Rating
Love it, omg a bottom alpha? Yesss I just wish it was longer
ForgottenQuill Rating
I was looking forward to this, but it was very short and I think something got lost in translation along the way. Either way, it could have been way better -- disappointed.
Lyuben Rating
I like it but it feels unfinished at the end.
LalaNahomi Rating
This is so good. I just wish it was longer.
Clarie Rating
Dude, yes! Give me a cute omega top and an alpha bottom. I love this so much because it's so rare to see these types of couples in yaoi. I seriously wish it were longer??
BringMeTheSmut Rating
Very original premise. The art is top notch and the characters are beautiful. I really enjoyed this. I wish it was longer, I didn't want it to end. Would of loved to see what else happened in their future.
lyndita Rating
This story was sweet and refreshing. It presented a unique point of view that I have not seen explored in other titles. To know that the typical roles were reversed and there was acceptance from both parties left me satisfied and happy. If you like the ideas of love, open communication, and omegaverse characters who are not the norm, this is definitely worth a read.
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