User Reviews For: A Tough Alpha Wants to Be Loved -Cornered by a Young Omega-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love when omegaverse gets flipped on its head. So refreshing. This is lol funny. Arts great. No backstory as of yet. The characters are cute. Seems like there could definitely be a real romance if given a chance. Four stars just because this ends at a weird spot and there isn't really a story here. But it's fun.
xxalisonxx Rating
AMAZING! I was so amazed and blown away by the omegaverse role reversal! Just for that, this gets 5 stars. The rest of the story is hot and smutty. The story isn't very deep, but the characters are fun and charming! I found myself hooked the entire time.
ForgottenQuill Rating
I was looking forward to this, but it was very short and I think something got lost in translation along the way. Either way, it could have been way better -- disappointed.
Lyuben Rating
I like it but it feels unfinished at the end.
DarkSheWolf Rating
Sweet but predictable, so far it's a bit generic but I'll continue to read it in the hopes that it'll get better with time. Also, I'd read it if for no other reason than it's Omegaverse. I love Omegaverse stories.
Bambi Rating
I really liked this! It hit all the buttons! Just what I was looking for.
HorseObsessed Rating
The ending was a disappointment. If I could return it I would.
ackarlse1993 Rating
G3tsmart Rating
Love it! It's nice to see a reversal of the the standard alpha/ omega relationship. Suupppper cute!!
legallybling Rating
Ahhhh this is lovely! Sexy and cute, with a fresh take on the ABO universe. Too bad it's very short but I enjoyed it immensely.
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