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pewpew Rating
I'm on chapter 2 but if you like the yoneda kou story "NightS" I'm sure you will dig this.
quietussleeps Rating
I'm a great fan of this story, but my review is for the quality of the English typesetting, it's pretty amateurish and rather disappointing.
DWCorvid Rating
The art and the kink are nice. And a story that moves forward and back in time for two characters who went to HighSchool together it's also kind of nice. It gets a little hard to follow especially since the author is trying to weave together two complex stories while keeping the characters distant for an extra angsty feeling. I wanted to learn more about the characters and get to like them more but there wasn't enough time.
dkp1611 Rating
Disappointing. I was prepared for all this drama and a long series of great art, and great plot, then it's just done like that? As I said disappointing.
funbrillo Rating
You can never go wrong with Sachimo. I hope they get more stories by this mangaka. I read to Chapter 3. It is such a good story.
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