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kpossibles Rating
So I went into reading this thinking it was going to be a sex robot thing, but actually it's researcher x broke company employee! It was still pretty decent since the VR researcher dude was practicing hard to match the VR, but it was super funny that the main guy still doesn't realize that it's the researcher sucking him off! It was fun to read so far (3 chapters) and I'm waiting for Baba to finally figure it out...
Thenameislynn Rating
Eventho there's always some sort of sexual scene in every chapter, the plot is actually very innocent and the characters are seriously so cute and adorable! I really love it!
MissMaus Rating
This story is so smutty and adorable. Definitely worth a read and re read!
kyokobaby Rating
Premise aside, this is a very heartwarming and humorous story with adorable, charming characters. The major trauma is dealt with in what I felt was a respectful and loving manner between Iida and Baba. And going back to the premise... sure, it's ridiculous, but it wasn't meant to hold up through the whole series, and I love it when an author takes a plot that appears silly on the surface and makes it have unexpected depth. And, the art is fantastic!
SaphireFoxy Rating
So incredibly cute!
ebookrenta0pi2o9y0j Rating
The premise is odd but interesting and the main characters are lovable. This yaoi is one of my favorites.
MioAkiyama Rating
The whole tricking Baba kun to be a tester for the ultimate perfect "sex machine" got me riled up to read further. Being able to wear a VR that allows you to see your favorite girl Porn star is baba kun's wildest dream.But whatever Baba San is seeing on the screen is it really his favorite girl star or little does he know it was maybe something else? what's behind Iida's cold demeanor/ why he couldn't let anyone see his blushing face.Can baba be able to open up his heart to someone that can accept Iida's dark past? Comedy + smut I highly recommend to read it !
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