User Reviews For: The Hot Girl and Her Wild Romance


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Nyanko Rating
The story and art are cute, though the direct role swap is a bit lazy and reads wrong. Instead of giving a female spin on the male player trope, the story takes all the traits of a male character and adds lipstick, cleavage, and curves to them and calls it a day. Likewise, the male character takes the exact traits of the archetypal oblivious female love interest, with the only male spin being sexually eager and aggressive behavior. Simply put, the role swap idea is more gimmicky than fun, and most of the cute and funny moments come from the female character's awareness that she's rapidly losing control of the situation, and how involved she gets in some nerdy stuff just because of how much her "prey" is in them. The story is a bit short and reads very quickly, so I found it a tad overpriced at 500 points. It's fluffy fun, but not exceptional.
DearReader Rating
Such a cute story! Totally worth the points to read it!
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