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fionav3 Rating
This was disappointing. The seme had a shitty attitude and really took the uke for granted, and it was a big part of the plot point. But guess what? The seme still had a shitty attitude and still took the uke for granted when the manga ended. No character development or plot satisfaction whatsoever. What a waste of my points.
Cupcakes Rating
I read the synopsis and the previous reviews, and I'm glad I went into this one thinking “ok, it's a relationship story, not a meet and fall in love story” because it really is about their relationship. Yes the seme does take the uke for granted and has kind of a 'shitty attitude' as a previous review says, but he truly loves the uke and wants to be with him. The uke is a total pushover for the seme, but again truly loves him and can push back when it's really important to him. It's a story about truly accepting their partners for who and how they are, while still trying to find compromise about the things they each need in the relationship, without losing the love they have for each other. It's about the everyday life of a couple, and the learning curve that moving in together brings. It really is a feel good manga, and the way the sex is depicted feels like a real relationship with all it's flaws, instead of just for fan service. I'll definitely be reading this one again.
syntaxerror Rating
This isn't a romance - this a slice of life comic about a imperfect couple five years into their relationship, who are just beginning to settle down and think about their future. The plot arc is about coming to accept your partner's flaws. This is the perfect read if you're looking for something with low drama and angst but high in feel-good vibes.
Daekin Rating
I honestly loved this comic. It had a more realistic, slice-of-life feel to it. Reminded me of my own relationship and how, even when one side works insane hours and time just doesn't seem to match up, you make the best with the time you do have, even if it's just cuddle time. This is a story about the relationship between two imperfect, realistic people over time and the love that keeps them together. I very highly recommend it. It was refreshing to read.
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