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winkitty Rating
Cute and pretty art!!! I'm a sucker for younger tops so I couldn't resist reading it. The sypnosis is dead on and from there its smutty. Rui (btm) is so cute and I love all of his expressions! I gave it 3 stars (but it's more like 3.5 stars) because it's a little fast paced and it's a silly kind of funny but still enjoyable ^^ Looking forward to the continuation!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I've found gold!!! Rui and Hibiki are a pop duo and have known each other for years. But one night searching themselves online changes everything. The art is great, so much detail. The characters are cute and likable. That manager of theirs is hilarious!!! So blas辿 about them hooking up lol. Can't wait to see who's responsible for that comic and what these two cuties get up too.
dirtyangeltoes Rating
The first chapter definitely seemed faster paced, but later chapters have gotten better in both writing pace and art work. I absolutely love it and both characters' relationships around one another is cute as heck. The manga itself is funny but not too funny that it distracts or takes away from things. Absolutely perfect IMO.
Jupi Rating
The emotional rollercoaster was so good in this manga. I loved how Hibiki was so stoned face because then when he got hot and lovey with Rui his expressions were so cute. I highly recommend reading!!!
Kurokocchi Rating
It was so fun! The characters are so adorable together! I was laughing on every chapters
SnT2k Rating
Surprisingly went longer than expected. Satisfying though! I'd love to read the stories of the side characters more.Read for the LULZ and if you want to have something light.
aliceanimelover Rating
I beg to differ that this story was fast paced. It has a decent pace. Both were already curious and the seme took advantage of that curiosity. I absolutely love their first time together! A little reluctant at first, but both of them enjoyed the sex in the end! It's rare to see an uke who begged for more and also continuously respond back with POSITIVE feedback! It's always the annoying, "No/Wait/Stop/Don't/Can't/Shouldn't/etc." I love that it's mutual for everything between them. I also love their communication! None of that half-assed explanation and then followed by a chapter or two of misunderstanding. I dislike the whole "naive" stereotype thing in yaoi stories, but the confusion made sense here because their relationship was for marketing purposes as they are idols, and shipping fans are typically some of the most influential and richest fans. I also love their wacky response to each other's cheesy lines. It's super adorable and relatable! Crap, I reached the 1000 character limit
paandaboy Rating
Super cute and adorable! I love the fun and different setting of the story, and the adorable awkwardness between the couple (particularly on Rui's part). The art is fantastic too, which makes reading super easy.
striderincident Rating
The story is so interesting! It starts out quick then by the third chap I'm HOOKED. A rival, some very good smut, and cute moments sprinkled inbetween, I can't wait to read more!
reireirei Rating
This manga is really funny and idiotic and amazing. 10/10 would recommend for people like me who love funny and sexy.
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