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fandomnightmare Rating
I'm not a fan of the "exotic native people" theme, it usually makes me deeply uncomfortable. Chapter 1 of this manga made me laugh out loud though! The scientist actually sounds like a scientist, by which I don't mean that he's stuck up and spouting fancy words, but that he just wants to get his fieldwork done so he can go drink with his co-workers. RELATABLE. The guy he meets on the beach looks a bit standard, but watching him react with curiosity to the scientist's broken tech goods was funny. He's threatening at first but then realises the scientist is harmless and lost. Then, he treats him kindly. It's played for laughs, but it's also refreshing and he seems nice. Also, these two really can't speak the same language. No magic translator!The sexual situation in this chapter is humorous. I don't want to spoil it but it's not your standard BL "exotic seme can't resist pushing pale uke down" thing. It's... Ah, you should just go read it already. You'll laugh, promise!
Ren Rating
This manga is definitely a hidden gem. It's funny, sexy, and (later on) gets some plot thrown in! It definitely is a fast-burn and is, overall, easy to follow and understand. I agree with another reviewer that it is like a Tarzan-esque type of story. I've bought every volume so far (it's at vol. 9 as of me writing this review) and I still really like it!! I recommend giving this manga a shot!
solareclipse09 Rating
I love every bit of this series and can't wait for the next one
Vampiro83 Rating
When reading this comic it reminds me of Tarzan. You Jane, I'm Tarzan.... but its sweet and interesting... cant wait for the next episode...
Sparkles73 Rating
The story starts off light hearted but gradually adds traces of plot further in and has a lot of comedy to keep readers hooked. Expectedly there are several misunderstandings due to their language barrier but always overcome the obstacles. So far I am loving the story and ended up binging until the current chapter 9.
otlcryman Rating
ye its cute. I really like themes like this. there isn't much plot so if you really care about story then best to just skip this one but the smut is nice
ebookrenta0k1wc1z1e Rating
Loved it kinda want him to learn his language so we can have a full blown conversation
Cuttingedge2 Rating
Its more comical than romantic or seductive. If your looking for something to make you hot and bothered this is not it. It certainly is a change of pace compared to most BL stories.
werecorgi Rating
I really hope the translation concludes soon!
3msuge Rating
Absolutely love this manga, it's adorable
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