User Reviews For: Girly Boys Get All the Love [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Jedirenagade Rating
This is definitely one for those who like a fetish story. Does move along quickly but I thought it was cute.
MioAkiyama Rating
the uke getting dressed up and tear fetish really ups the oompf to the story. at least our seme is a sweet darling and not a freak
Skaenund Rating
Cute, fun, and sweet....a bit fast for the content though. Honestly would love a sequel with the relationship.
eightyroses Rating
The thing with the uke's brother kind of ruined it for me. I've read and enjoyed different books with incest before but they just randomly throw it in towards the end and it made me uncomfortable lol. It was hinted in the beginning but that plot point(?) really wasn't needed and felt forced.Other than that, it was cute and I really adored how genuine the seme was. Not too smutty, if that's what you're looking for, which means it's also not too kinky. The crossdressing itself isn't really fetishized much but it's a thing, and the "crying fetish" doesn't go too far. Art isn't my favourite but that's more of a personal thing. I buy all my books permanently but this is one I wish I would've just rented. I'll probably reread it just because I have it though.
DWCorvid Rating
I generally don't go for heavy fetish themed stories but this one had a couple of good reviews and seemed sort of sweet and funny. I wasn't disappointed. the main characters gradually get to know each other and have a warm relationship as they start to fall in love. The typical angst, obsessions, or borderline sadistic behavior that you might expect from a fetish / hyper kink ultra sexy story aren't present. What you get are two people who come together under unusual circumstances and end up falling in love without too much heartbreak. I had to own it permanently because I couldn't get over the Seme's tenderness and straightforward sense of humor.
hweianimeme Rating
Super cute! Would have loved more but not complaining. No huge misunderstanding or too much angst, it was all quite fluffy and sweet for you know, a fetish themed story lol
Momoni Rating
Less one star cuz its too short. I like how the feeling develop from a tear fetish to a lover. Simply fluffy story without any drama. I love the afterstory where they didn't stop at being normal couple instead keep doing roleplay, thats cute! I think its worth re-read in the future, therefore i choose to have this permanently.
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