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Nyanko Rating
While the art in this manga is acceptable, the story telling is really lacking. Everything's a rush, characters are unlikeable, and the tone of the stories shows a lot disdain for the female leads. Admittedly, the female leads here are of the passive, marginally intelligent, low ambition type so they weren't my favorites, either. There's no emotional connection between characters, so there's a clinical, detached quality to the 'romances.' This one feels more like you'd see in 'blue films' written for inexperienced young men, and I can'tsay I'd recommend this to anyone who wants more than a very quick tickle.
PassionDevourer Rating
It's a bunch of stories wrapped up together. Some aren't too bad, but the other review definitely has a point about them being rushed. It would've been nice to see at least one follow-up story, but they each felt complete enough as is.
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