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kawaii1324 Rating
I'm an avid reader of Omegaverse series; and this one is definitely fast to start with how fast the first release is paced; But it's promising and seems like a great ride. 'Fate works in mysterious ways' it'll have you wondering what's next and waiting for the next installment!
dirtyangeltoes Rating
I've read endless amounts of yaoi Omegaverse manga out there... Which is to say, pretty much all of it. However, in all the years I've been reading this genre, I've never once come across one with this premise before. The last alpha and omega on Earth are brought together by 'fate', after 100 years of the world believing they're extinct. It's absolutely unique and such a breathe of fresh air in the way it raises the stakes between the main characters. While I do believe that it does feel a bit rushed at times, it redeems itself with the actual character interactions; the tension built up between them is wonderfully steamy. The gorgeous artwork by this author draws you in and makes it a great read. In short, it's HOT, haha.
Disso Rating
Cute, good enough story and smut scenes. Overall though, I felt like the story and everything else was rushed. To the point where the dialogue felt unnatural and unearned. Still a cute story, but I'd prefer more substance.
yaoipeepee6969 Rating
I am so happy to have read this manga. It's fast-paced but it definitely had content! I hope the mangaka would create more. I also love the art! I usually look at the characters' facial expressions when reading yaoi, and the mangaka did great in drawing them. It's been a while since I've felt great interest for an omegaverse story.
MioAkiyama Rating
Being the last omega and alpha on earth met each other one rainy day. Attracted to each other because of their traits and being confused/doubtful of their feelings for each other. I wish the story could develop a little more, being in an Omegaverse we definitely have some hopes to see some form of pregnancy and stuff. but definitely a nice read!
MangaGirl Rating
Not bad! Did feel like the plot line was “rushed” but if you are looking for a simple, straightforward story with a decent amount of smut, dive in! Wasn't disappointed, wasn't my favourite; but has a spot right in between!
slr7570 Rating
I really wanted to love this one. I'm just starting to dip into omegaverse, and this premise really intrigued me. However, the way everything was rushed and not really fleshed out or built up just left me unsatisfied. I gave it 3 stars because I didn't dislike it. The art was lovely, the premise was interesting, and it was cute. I just wish more time had been spent fleshing it out a bit more.
AmaliaAmberdust Rating
The best Omega-verse I've read! This shows how excruciating it is on both parts...most other omega-verse manga dont go into this sort of detail! Hands down the best!?
Ryo and Yuutaro's mad doki-doki chemistry is WOW! I love the burning desire both have towards one another while simultaneously trying to maintain a thread of sanity. Their attraction and willpower to not act on the AlphaOmega instinct is applauding. Although Ryo and Yuutaro desire one another, they can't help but doubt their attraction and question if it's true love or their second instinct and are troubled by it. I'm in it for the amazing story line. Great art is a bonus :D
ebookrenta0rwexoug9 Rating
omg I need another chapter! They are so cute!?
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