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idgal Rating
I really wanted to like the story as I really love the artist fanwork but the MC is pure trash. You think delinquent with a heart of gold but he just bullies people for being
EmTheHooligan Rating
I liked the storyline, especially the art, and the smut was good too. But is there going to be a sequel about his two friends? That would be great!
ktenos99 Rating
I'm a sucker for gap moe, and this one delivered. More smut than fluff, but it gets kind of sweet towards the end. Art is good, too!
Ale6a9deR Rating
The artistry is great so I wanted the depth of the story to match how good the art is but like other people have said, all in all the main character is just a simple-minded sadist delinquent that has the tables turned on him?
ShiinaMH Rating
Ehehehe?? Quirky MC and Cute ML
Miharu Rating
This is my kind of story ( 諭属
KoonIsMyBae Rating
So hooooooot, I love the characters (especially Kazuhito, even though he's a side character, he's very cute), and Ryou's facial expressions are immaculate. I like the story line, and how Ryou and Asuka's relationship builds up. It has all my favorite kinks and tags too,, a great bonus.. Overall, great story!
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