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Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG this is so cute!!!! The little kids are adorable! And the slow burn progression of Riku finding himself falling for his little brother's friend's uncle is so subtle but realistic. I love it all. Art is pretty and romantic. Really want to see where this goes.
Xion Rating
Cute story. Not much X-rated stuff here (and heavily censored) ao if you like spicy thats not your cup of tea, but if you are looking for a cute story with side themes of family and brothers I can recommand.
*SHOCK!!*'s complete?!!!! NOOO!! The story JUST started Riku and Takashi's romance *cries*!! Damn it. But the teasing and slow development between them was sweet and made up for the sudden ending. I enjoyed reading everyone's dialogues, interactions and expressions. Aoi and Arashi are just the best bestie pairing!
CadetJune Rating
I swear summ'a y'all need'ta stop being so good at writing
ebookrenta0cq77ggqt Rating
This manga is so beautiful, and I loved the way their relationship progressed. Before starting this, I was a little unsure about the iffy age gap here (high schooler x flower shop owner), but honestly their interactions were so sweet and loving, I barely noticed it in the end. Their younger brothers are adorable too, and adds a wonderful wholesomeness to the whole story. I'm just sad that it's already over! Would definitely recommend this (just a note, in case it is of interest: the smut doesn't come in till near the end of the story)
Yaoi88 Rating
This is a super sweet story and I'm looking forward to the next chapter
shobaralies Rating
It's cute but I couldn't get invested in the story. It is something I would recommend for beginners.
khemi Rating
Really lovely! Well-paced and very sweet, watching Riku compare his situation to the romance novels he reads was especially cute.
Akiu Rating
4.5 Stars. The Artwork is beautiful! The protagonists are funny and well drawn. Nice story development, but no smexy scenes in the first chapter.
Carolismc Rating
SUPER CUTE AND THE ART IS SO GORGEOUS!!! I love the couple and the kids are so cute!!!
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