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Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG this is so cute!!!! The little kids are adorable! And the slow burn progression of Riku finding himself falling for his little brother's friend's uncle is so subtle but realistic. I love it all. Art is pretty and romantic. Really want to see where this goes.
animepie Rating
Ahhhh. This one makes me go full mune-kyun. It's so cute!! And Takashi is soooo hot. I so want him to do some delicious things to our adorable Riku. But seriously, he is so attractive. Just oozing sex appeal with his gaze. The kids are also super cute too.
ChattyK2125 Rating
Can't wait for more! This is the beginning of a love story! Can't wait to read more!
Makotaz Rating
This manga has a lot of potential. I like how it gave me some surprises in the details. It's a slowly developing story, but it's good, gives more depth this way. Ugh! Now I have to wait for book 3.
TinaMuse Rating
I like how the couple in this couple is progressing. It is a slow burn, but very real and adorable. Very good.
JustShin Rating
Just one little note... AAAARGH!! I want more!! It's so wholesome and cuuuute!
Rosemarie77 Rating
Super cute already excited for the next chapters. Hope the kids get a story
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