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EmTheHooligan Rating
Hahaha soooo pervy, but honestly pretty funny and cute! I look forward to the next chapter.
KougaMyazawa Rating
Idk it's kinda creepy, like I think the author wanted a way to fulfill their CP fantasies without being illegal so they conveniently made a legal adult look like a child. If you're into that, then sure, you'll like this, but for those who are uncomfortable with shota, the bottom in this manga definitely looks like a ten year old, so proceed with caution.
meiguanxi Rating
My man Yohei got some problems, but it's kinda a cute story??? Real weird, but kind of cute. If you squint. Bonus points for all the B movie references. Shoma has excellent taste in movies lol
Lillybelle Rating
Honestly, it starts a little weird lol and then has a very small flashback but it a nice quick read, so definitely needs more volumes.
BlackBelle Rating
I was hesitant to try this title based on some of the feedback, but I really enjoyed the author's other works, so I decided to try it. It plays on the MC being young looking, but he doesn't look any younger than the author's other bottoms, so I didn't find it off putting. I thought this story was pretty steamy and funny. While MC2 is definitely a perv, he's very sweet and I love him. I hope other give this a chance because it's pretty great.
FlauntingDante Rating
The art is nice and I liked the concept of Shoma being a film lover. However, majority of the book seemed like dubious consent to me (Shoma is a pushover) and I wasn't a huge fan of that. Yohei is a pervert 100% and kudos to Shoma for actually being able to forgive him for all the things he does.
biggestrebel Rating
This was Okay. I like all the non-pervy stuff (the movie references were fun, the development as friends outside of a sexual relationship was nice, the side characters, etc.). I disagree w another comment saying that this was the authors way to live any CP fantasy out bc I dont think this character looks childish at all. It was even weird for the love interest to say (Personally, it'd be an instant turn off if someone said they like me bc I look young). While I disagree w that comment, putting it into this book as a non-issue was very weird. I prefer this mangaka's other work (Shiba & Shepherd). This one isn't worth all the points but its cute enough
libraryninja Rating
I really liked this one a lot. You have a small kind of grumpy senpai and a very enthusiastic puppy dog kouhai. I also appreciated that while there was a kind of cliche element introduced that they didn't just go for the easy conclusion there. Also, the filthy parts were GOOD.
BringMeTheSmut Rating
This story was so cute, funny, sweet, refreshing, hot and original. The characters are really brought to life and relatable. Such a creative author.
DavrosRises13 Rating
This is ADORBZ!! I cannot wait to see how their relationship progresses, I just absolutely adore cute Manga like this one!! If you like slightly perverted couples, give this one a look over
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