User Reviews For: It's Still Too Early to Be in Love


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AinoKusabi Rating
I wonder who will top? That's the question on my mind. Because both MCs seem to be hotheads, and I'm sensing a possible tsundere uke? The art is pretty good. I can't say much about the plot yet. It's too soon for that.
lyndita Rating
This selection was fantastic. The first chapter left me wondering and a bit confused, but the plot showed the development of all the characters in a manner that was logical and tugged at your heart strings. If you want to use your brain and add some feelings into the mix, this is a great contender for that.
cee2spook Rating
BEST BOOK EVER, I can't get enough, I need more please!!
Quinloki Rating
5 episodes in and it's just So Perfect! I don't know where it'll go, but I already want more XD !
costa2012 Rating
want more :)
ebookrenta0iqj5ubyl Rating
OMG, I'm loving in the initial chemistry between these too. :)
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